DeepFlight announced last week that it has delivered a DeepFlight Super Falcon, a new class of high performance personal submarine, to Palmarina Bodrum, the only mega/giga yacht marina in Turkey. Palmarina Bodrum is the ‘diamond’ of the Turquoise Riviera, and is situated in Yalıkavak,  Bodrum Peninsula, Turkey.

Palmarina Bodrum Marina

Palmarina Bodrum Marina

Palmarina Bodrum was acquired in May 2011 and reconstructed by the Palmali Group. The marina is located on the southern tip of the Aegean Sea and is the only Mega/Giga Yacht marina in Turkey, and the largest marina in the region in terms of mooring capacity. Palmarina Bodrum can accommodate 620 boats in total, and provides more than 70 berths for mega yachts measuring 40 meters and above.

Palmarina Bodrum Marina

Palmarina Bodrum Marina

DeepFlight has over forty-five years experience innovating the most advanced underwater craft, and pioneered underwater flight with its flagship, DeepFlight Super Falcon. Hailed as the Lear Jet of the oceans, the all-electric (zero emissions) Super Falcon was designed for easy use from yacht or shore to explore the twilight zone down to four hundred feet (120 meters).  Like all DeepFlight submarines, the Super Falcon is positively buoyant, meaning the craft automatically floats to the surface.

Palmarina Bodrum joins a growing list of DeepFlight submarine owners, including entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson; Red Bull co-founder, Dietrich Mateschitz; and venture capitalist Tom Perkins.

Graham Hawkes, founder of DeepFlight, stated, “we are very excited that Palmarina Bodrum will be the first marina to own a DeepFlight submarine. Designed for comfort, safety, 360 degree viewing, and the unique experience of underwater flight, Super Falcon is the ideal craft for exploring the beautiful waters of the Turkish Riviera. With its world-class facilities and access to dive destinations, we believe that Palmarina Bodrum will provide an ideal base for submarine operations.”

DeepFlight Dragon-Layout

Adam Wright, President of the Company, added, “We have worked hard over the last twenty years to innovate the most advanced and safest submersibles available for private use. DeepFlight now has its craft operating from yachts, resorts and other shorebases around the world, and we expect to see these numbers growing as we introduce our next model, DeepFlight Dragon, this year.”

Cenk Bircan, General Manager of Palmarina Bodrum stated, “We are very excited to take delivery of a DeepFlight Super Falcon submersible, and we look forward to exploring from our marina base, as well as from S/Y Hazar Yildizi. We are very proud to have a pioneering role in managing all exclusive demands in terms of marina operations and offering high end services beyond expectation. Palmarina Bodrum has already turned the region into a world famous sailing destination, and we believe it will soon become known as an unparalleled base for submarine operations.’’

DeepFlight, was founded in 1996 by world-renowned engineer, Graham Hawkes, with the goal of innovating underwater craft to open human access to the oceans.  The company has made significant technological breakthroughs, including creating the only positively buoyant personal submarines and applying the principles of flight underwater. In 2012, the company transitioned from a research and development organization to focus on commercializing its series of advanced personal submarines designed, built and operated for the private owner and recreational markets, including the superyacht and tourism industries. Learn more at, and engage with us at and

With its topnotch quality and service mentality, Palmarina Bodrum fulfills the all exclusive demands in terms of marina operations of its clients, among many remarkable world renowned entrepreneurs and business leaders of the world. Learn more at


DeepFlight: Karen Hawkes. +1 415-717-9729. [email protected]

Palmarina Bodrum:

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