A dutiful explorer equipped with the heart of a private luxury superyacht, Palumbo Group’s new 52-meter Columbus Tomahawk chops through design barriers to carve out a yacht support vessel with its own posh enclave. This full custom yacht, penned by Marco Casali and executed by Insenaval, sports a slight bow-to-waterline curve echoing the blade of Native American battle axes for which it is named. Created with technical and seakeeping features top-of-mind, luxurious living quarters finished with high quality materials and details underscore comfort as an equal to function in this versatile series ranging from 40 to 100 meters in length.


The oversize beach area is a multi-functional space stretching out over 200 square meters on three levels, boasting the largest volume of beach club and storage on the market. The aft level provides access to the sea, fitted with a muscular crane capable of hoisting 12 meter tenders, but also takes on lighter duty as it deftly positions the expansive beach club umbrella. The arm can also serve as the post for a 3/4 size basketball court. Your call.


When empty, the beach club deck reveals a 6 x 2.5-meter pool, accessed from the luxurious guest areas without strutting through the salon. A forward garage hides additional tender and toy storage. The 75 square meter owner’s cabin tucks a private 21-square meter sunbathing terrace with Jacuzzi and 180° views into its amenity list.


Should it prove essential, owners may elect to install an MCA compliant helipad with discrete access. An American bar, with karaoke essentials adjoins the dining area, and a large bridge provides better than normal visibility for captain and crew maneuvering the yacht. A top speed of 15.5 knots, and a 4,000 nm range at 14 knots opens up the map to new and exciting itinerary possibilities.