Matteo Cappellazzo, Mattia Piro, and the 25m hyper yacht Italia are three Italians celebrating an exciting win for their PC Design Studio. Capturing the 2016 Millennium Yacht Design Award in the New Projects section of the beginner’s category, Italia exhibits the result of professional maturity dovetailed with creative solutions presented by the challenges of yacht design.

A masterpiece of engineering and design, Italia also exhibits high performance that turns heads as it speeds by at 50+ kts. This sport yacht merging performance with art transforms from sleek speedster to pure water play sculpture as two sets of gull wing doors open to reveal jet skis and open up a chic lounging area, shot through with outdoor exhilaration. A sophisticated arrangement of bar and sofa seating surround a central pool and well-equipped galley.

ITALIA - exterior-2

Cabin and bath design are simple, chic, and beautifully lit. The cockpit is correspondingly modern and streamlined, with a dash displaying digital data on steroids. Three fighter-jet style seats allow pilots to lock in for the ride with a commanding view through the deeply raked forward window streaming from the plumb-ish bow. Long windows on top of the deck display engines below, inviting admiration as well as easy access. Horizontal windows yield natural light below.

ITALIA - interior-2

The studio, founded in 2014 by Cappelazzo and Piro, is proud of the award, but highlights their additional areas of expertise in commercial and professional vessels, residential architecture, interior design, and custom product design, all contributing to the advantages delivered by Italia. Now, they are focused on finding a worthy owner for this deserving hyper yacht.