Dutch design studio Vripack and the avante-garde Yacht Creators sector of The New Yachts Company are ecstatic over the launch of their groundbreaking 164 foot/50 metre superyacht Maharani. The vision for this clever superyacht began with a strong urge to take the typical 50 metre yacht layout and let their joint creative minds freely shape something completely unique. The result is a remarkable pre-engineered platform which can be customised with a variety of alternative superstructures while also providing a “human-centred” layout that will maximise owners’ enjoyment and quality of life while onboard.

The New Yachts Company founder Barin Cardenas explained that, “Today’s owners are trending younger. They value intelligent ergonomics and versatility in everything they own. It was our strong objective to bring more experiences to our owners, presenting them with possibilities typically seen only on larger yachts. We created what we coined as a Resort Yacht, and the Vripack team pushed the boundaries even further!”

For co-creative director of Vripack, Bart Bouwhuis, the Maharani project offers an opportunity to tear up the traditional 50-metre yacht layout and create something disruptive which provides families and groups of friends with both the privacy and sense of community they need. Bart remarked, “So look at the result – we improved the ‘industry standard’ by more than 300%. Maharani’s main deck has 50m of clear deck space offering ten dedicated areas. From the layout it’s obvious that each of these spaces have their own intimacy and function. This allows all family members to enjoy their own time on board while still being together all on one incredible deck stretching from stern to bow.”

Other highlights of the build include the upper deck which, like the main deck, is also solely devoted to providing quality living space for Maharani’s owner and family. To achieve this the galley, engine room and wheelhouse have all been moved to smarter locations to create a smooth flow of living space on the main and upper decks.

Bart adds that, “Being Dutch, we love to play with light. Sure, the huge windows play a significant role, but do not underestimate the relevance of selecting just the right balance of light absorbing and reflection materials.” This careful use of natural light and the natural colour palette used throughout Maharani help to put the final touches to this very clever and remarkably liveable yacht.