The French are renowned for their stylish je ne sais quoi, and the daring design from Chantier Naval Couach captures that refined elegance we all love and celebrate. A sleek 37 meters, the 3700 Sport is a yacht you want to drink right up, with its sleek lines, speedy aesthetic, and strikingly seductive silhouette.

This model has been a firm favorite for the French custom yacht builder, but with the 3700, the company have taken a step back in order to update and redesign a classic into something that blends the cutting edge with the classic. Walter Ceglia, the CEO of Couach explained; “Our in-house creative and technical teams have reinterpreted its identity and design to come up with a yacht as intelligent and modern as it is seductive.” This has been achieved through a lengthening of lines and a stronger profile.

It seems the 3700 Sport has taken a pinch of its inspiration from the world of luxury cars. Inside, the salon beautifully captures the sport yacht feel and blends it with a Zen like charm. Snow white lounging spaces are accentuated by ethnic touches, and the whole scene is polished with the choice of natural woods.

In the cabins, of which you can choose a four or five room arrangement, the ceilings seem to soar a little higher than pro yachters may be used to thanks to the imaginative suspended design. The whole aura is one of pure understated luxury, a simple elegance the world understands when dealing with the art of French design.


Back outside and once more, we start to the see the echo of modernization and change. Unlike previous models, Couach have now included space for sun pads on the foredeck. The duplex aft deck is impressive with its exciting looking bathing beach complete with shower and diving board. It’s easy to see that the designers took their inspiration from a first-class beach villa when designing the new model. Now, there is an outdoor kitchen perfect for grilling up seafood suppers, along with lashings of space for lounging. A new owner could easily add a jacuzzi to the layout of the flybridge.

Design aside, Couach take seaworthy vessels very seriously, in an homage to their military ship building legacy. Even in the toughest conditions, the 3700 Sport will hold her own with a GRP hull, an impressive top speed of 28 knots and Gyroscopic stabilizers to keep her calm whether she is chilling at the port or venturing into the blue.