Sanlorenzo’s 52Steel yacht Seven Sins scooped the award for “Best Yacht Design Innovation” at the 14th edition of prestigious Asia Boating Awards. Convened annually by Asia-Pacific Boating and China Boating magazines, the awards aim to recognize the most successful and forward-thinking yachts and brands on the market today.

The award winners are carefully chosen by an expert panel with the award conferred on Sanlorenzo at a ceremony at Singapore’s modish ONE 15° Marina on April 11th. Seven Sins caught the eye of the judges with her revolutionary stern design which boasts a beach area with three doors that can be lowered to create swimming platforms at sea level. This same area can also be flooded to create a tender garage for vessels of up to 8 meters. Another innovative feature which impressed the judges is her main deck swimming pool with a transparent bottom which helps to create a light, airy space below.

This isn’t the first time that the Asia Boating Awards has recognized the Italian luxury yacht builder’s talent for groundbreaking design solutions. In 2017 the company won the award for Best Explorer Model for their 460Exp. Specialised building metal superyachts for ambitious owners, Sanlorenzo has upped its construction capability significantly in recent years and shows no signs of slowing down. The company currently has an impressive 15 projects under construction at their dedicated 50,000 square meter site in La Spezia.