One of the first boutique shipyards in Italy is joining forces with a leading Italian design firm to execute a highly unique and challenging chic project. Shipyard Tankoa is taking the helm alongside design company Exclusiva; often considered the ‘temple of Italian design’.

Exclusiva has successfully delivered close to forty projects over the last five years, projects that have been formed in partnership with some of the highest heads of states such as Ferrari China and Gazprom. From private islands in Doha to lush apartments in Paris  and public spaces in St Petersburg– Exclusiva has a certain finesse and endless experience in the heady world of artisan interior design. The inspired company has their headquarters in Rome but also boast offices scattered across the globe including in places like Moscow, Abu Dhabi and Shanghai where they work with over a hundred collaborators.

an Exclusiva designed public space in St Petersburg

Exclusiva not wanting to rest on their laurels decided that they wanted to create a challenging project that would showcase their skills in the luxury yacht arena. After plenty of searching and picking through shipyards to find the best fit, they decided on Tankoa as the shipyard to build the beautiful Progetto Bolide.

Design director Fabio Mazzeo establishes how Exclusiva came to choose Tankoa as their shipyard of choice for the project: ‘We’ve been visiting many shipyards in the past year as we spent several months creating our ideal yacht design and our wish was to keep cultivating Italian heritage also in the building. The approach, flexibility, and processes we found at Tankoa are simply unique. Tankoa having no will to run after big production numbers, the guys there are just delivering superior quality as a direct result of their passion. With this in mind, we felt Tankoa was the perfect fit for our Progetto Bolide.’

Excluiva headquarters in Rome

Tankoa Yachts is set to build a radical 72-meter luxury superyacht and both the interior and exterior design will be the work of Exclusiva. With both brands having the hallmark of Italian design history, we can expect the result to be nothing less than a tour du force of fabulousness.

Tankoa and Exclusiva will present the full project at the Tankoa press conference on September 29th during the Monaco Yacht Show.