Traditional luxury yachts are rarely fast, but are nearly always extremely posh. Sport yachts are fast, but simply cannot match the indulgent amenities of traditional yachts. Tankoa Yachts brings together the best of both luxury and speed in its 58-meter open concept yacht, designing an all new, lightweight, powerful, comfortable luxury yacht designed to hit top speeds of 30 knots.

Italian design lends its legendary touch of sophisticated style from Francesco Paszkowski Studio. Technology, embracing light aluminum 5083 alloyed with magnesium, lightens the load. Three MTU 2.000 kW/2683 hp engines assisted by two Kamewa Water Jets and a central booster give the yacht its “go fast” thrills.

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The concept models and drawings show a very sleek profile, with long, rectangular windows on the lower deck, stem to stern glazing along the main, and a curved sweep on the upper deck, dovetailing aft into a faceted beach club with supermodel elegance. A dramatic slice cut out of the bow and strategic ribbons of black trimming out the details define this yacht in a glance as something worth investigating, as riveting at anchor as it is speeding past.


Tankoa Yachts is a boutique shipyard headquartered in Genoa, Italy, primarily engaged in design and construction of yachts between 50 and 90 meters. Employing a “multi-cultural” approach to yacht building, Tankoa considers a broad criteria that includes limited production, precision engineering, unquestionable ethics, and flexibility of design. Opening shop in 2008, two highly regarded industry professionals formed a new company, bringing with them a long history of professional success.