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The first hull of Lynx Yachts’ 20-meter toy chest YXT invited everyone at the Monaco Yacht Show over to Quai États-Unis to see what fun looks like. It can look like a submarine, a helicopter or a sailboat. Or maybe SeaBobs, motorcycles, and wave runners. Perhaps a stunning limousine tender, motorcar, or motorcycles. Really, it looks like whatever you need it to.

Offering tons of storage and a blank manifest ready to take on everything a superyacht mother ship would love to have access to but doesn’t have space for, the YXT, aka Yacht X Tender, is a shadow vessel that brings all the best toys along without taking up precious superyacht real estate. Need a dozen cases of wine for a party? Install some cold storage on the YXT and bring magnums. Or for that matter, bring the party. The YXT’s 45 square meter open deck is the perfect dance floor, circus ring, movie theatre, or concert venue.

Built in the Netherlands to exacting Dutch standards in a carefully controlled environment, the YXT’s profile immediately identifies it as something different. The 360° 1.7 ton davits with five-meter reach on the main deck and stern gangway are the first clue. The huge open deck, broad stairs, and crisply-cut style are the second. Interiors by Franck Darnet of Franck Darnet Design keep the decor fresh and industrial with an edgy posh-ness of white livery that is both no-nonsense and appealing.

Two versions allow for different configurations, but the high profile version can accommodate eight guests in relative luxury, with room for four crew in twin cabins, a galley, laundry, and a large main deck storage container suitable for refrigerated appliances, or with a little more decor, a spa, gym, or additional accommodation.

Lynx Yachts President Slim Bouricha loves the versatility of the YXT, including its flexibility to even venture out on its own as an explorer, noting that shadow boats are no fad. This next indispensable superyacht amenity is affordable, customizable, and incredibly useful, freeing up square footage on main yachts that lets them do what they do best, while this hardworking Sherpa does the heavy lifting.