The Benetti Mediterraneo ‘116 M/Y OLI, a 35.5 meter tri-level yacht, boasts state-of-the-art innovations that seamlessly merge simplicity and minimalism with a modern use of space and light, providing the feel and solutions of larger vessels while remaining true to the timeless elegance that is Benetti.

Clipping along at a cruising speed of up to 15 knots, Mediterraneo 116’ is propelled by two Man V12-1400 engines delivering 1,400 hp each. The hull, designed by Pierluigi Ausonion, boasts an efficiency that allows for a range of 3,000 nautical miles at 10 knots. Efficiency does not stop with the hull however.

The old but new minimalist style, embracing open space and simple furnishings, characterizes each aspect of the interior and exterior design as well as that of the yachts’s amenities, providing ease of movement on board the yacht and the pleasing illusion of greater size.

A View from the Top Deck

A pristinely-white, pavilioned top deck provides unbelievable views of the surrounding seascape while also sharing on its light-wooded deck a bar, dining, and two lounge areas, making it a perfect place to enjoy being at top of the world.

Main Deck Amenities

Take a stroll down to the main deck to find a secluded, yet spacious place at the stern end of the ship, complete with white couches and wicker chairs.

The view afforded here might be good enough to lure you away from the yacht aboard a smaller pontoon boat garaged in the lower level, immediately below the main deck.

If the summer sun is calling your name, a walk towards the bow might be your grand solution. Here a sun-drenched deck stretches for 16 meters out.

Complete with sunning chairs, a stunning view of the sea, and a richly sparkling pool, this deck could be the most popular spot aboard ship during the afternoon and evening hours.

Additional dining areas on this level add to the overall feeling of space and luxury on board.

A Look at the Lower Level

The lower level of this yacht is uniquely characterized by the stunning way in which interior designers from the Benetti style department, along with exterior designer Giorgio Maria Cassetta skillfully directed light into nearly all regions of the vessel.

The beautiful inpouring of light by way of windowed wall space and glass portals makes being indoors on the yacht almost feel like being inside of an aquarium, where one feels surrounded by sea and life, though still being inside.

On the lower level and main deck are five luxurious cabins, allowing for 10 guests on board at a time.

Each guest room features its own granite embellished washroom.

The master suite features views of the surrounding seascape, with glass windows on both starboard and port side.

Three double berth cabins, in addition to the captain’s private quarters, are set apart for the crew, allowing for a fully-manned ship with a crew of seven.

In addition, multiple interior lounging areas and quiet places for study or introspection, along with a large screen television and electronic system provisions make the craft truly modern, allowing its guests to enjoy life away from the busyness of the real world while still having access to its conveniences.

What you might ask for on almost any ship, the Benetti Mediterraneo ‘116 can provide; so all-encompassing is the level of comfort and amenities available upon this ship, it is really as comfortable as a luxury liner.

Owner’s Statement

When I decided to replace my previous yacht, I went to Benetti with a very clear mind. My new yacht had to be a place where to spend memorable moments with my wife and children. So, such place had to be modern and cosy, reflecting my family attitude which is young and pretty dynamic. This yacht should sail both the Mediterranean and the Caribbean seas, and should provide a high level of service on board while being easily manageable. I wanted to enjoy large external areas and light filled interiors, with a seamless connection between outdoor and indoor.

I also wanted to have a yacht with a classic and elegant look, without giving up too much to modern fads, still integrating modern features and details.

My team and I have been working with Giorgio Maria Cassetta and Benetti in order to satisfy these inputs, and the work on their side has been great. We achieved what I had in mind, through innovative solutions and proven ones. The basic project of Benetti Mediterraneo 116’ was a perfect starting point, upon which we all have developed the project according to my needs.

Not available for charter, the Benetti Mediterraneo ‘116 is currently being put to full use by its owner. To enjoy yachts of similar make to this one, contact Benetti yachts.