What could be better than exploring the yachting lifestyle in the Pacific Ocean on board a superyacht? Exploring it on a superyacht with a support vessel, of course, and no duo does it better than the sleek 45-meter/150-foot Palmer Johnson Vantage paired with the mighty 55-meter Damen Ad-Vantage. Each a fabulous yacht in its own right, together the pair makes a great way to enjoy a charter holiday.

Palmer Johnson Vantage Photo Credit: yacht-vantage.com

The Thing About Support Yachts

Catching fire amid the yachting industry’s younger, more active crowd a few years back, support yachts have really made their case. Doing the heavy lifting, literally as well as figuratively, they carry the water toys, tenders, and helicopters. They store extra supplies, offer additional guest space, and double up on security, observation, and other important details. That leaves a ton of extra space on board the mother ship for more elegant, more spacious living, making life at sea even more perfect.

Palmer Johnson Vantage Photo Credit: yacht-vantage.com

Why Charter Just One When Two Will Be So Much More Fun?

The Palmer Johnson Vantage is a gorgeous yacht with a streamlined profile penned by Nuvolari and Lenard. Launched in 2010, she carries ten guests in five cabins served by eight crew. Cruising at a speed of 20 knots, Vantage pumps it up to 26 at full throttle.

Stylistically speaking, Vantage is a major player with big decks, large windows, plenty of marble, and Cantalupi lighting. Add the theatre system in the salon and owner’s suite, entertainment systems with flat screen monitors for guest and crew areas, marine grade speakers for exterior spaces, paired with all the toys and activities on board Ad Vantage, and you have one outstanding party.

The Ad-Vantage

Extending the capacity and capabilities of her mother ship as they trace each other’s route around the gorgeous islands and dramatic landscapes of the Pacific Ocean, the Damen Shipyards Ad-Vantage uses her 55 meters to house six guests in three cabins with space for 8 crew. Built in 2012, she cruises at 20 knots with a top speed of 25. A helipad, crane, and big lookout windows help captain and crew put this yacht through her paces while fulfilling wishes of active guests.

Palmer Johnson Vantage Photo Credit: yacht-vantage.com

The Toybox

This workhorse support yacht also carries an incredible list of diversions, not the least of which is the Triton 3300 Moby three-man submarine. Able to dive to 1000 meters/3300 feet, Moby can dive for nine hours exploring deep ocean environments, shallow reefs, and fascinating wrecks.

If speed is the need, the 41-foot Safeboat Offshore provides a 30 to 55-knot ride courtesy of four 300-hp Mer Verado supercharged outboards. With six shock-mitigating seats, this open cruiser gets there fast.

Fishing has its own demands, all of which are handily met with the 2015 Jupiter, a 34-foot craft perfect for catching gamefish. Powered by two Yamaha V8 350 hp engines, she easily skims the water at 20 knots with a top speed of 38.

The Nautique G-21 SuperAir will please skiers no end and carry 14 passengers with no complaints. Equipped with abundant 450 hp, guests will find some fine towing behind this ski beast.

Last but not least, the dive boat is a 26-foot Rupert Marine craft equipped with two 115 hp Mercury powerhouses. This solid workboat cruises at 25 knots, but will respond with a 28 knot clip when prompted.

Palmer Johnson Ad-Vantage Photo Credit: yacht-vantage.com

The Package

Pretty superyacht, superbly outfitted support yacht, and toys and tenders to die for, the package deal pairing Vantage with Ad-Vantage is a smart one for many reasons. Request possible itineraries, meet the crew of both yachts, and discover additional details on the yacht’s website at http://yacht-vantage.com/. It just doesn’t get any better.