Imagine drifting down into the deep to discover what lies beneath in extreme comfort and style. A Dutch company Ocean Submarine has teamed up with Rolls Royce, MTU, Bosch and even drawn on inspiration from Nasa to create the Neyk Submarine. The customized submarine will be designed with the highest degree of luxury in mind, ensuring that up to 20 passengers can kick back in style leagues beneath the sea, at a top speed of 15 knots.

Calling on high end technology, a modular construction in high end steel, and state of the art facilities, the Neyk will be one of the most maneuverable underwater vessels on the market. The Neyk will also reach speeds that triple in comparison to other private subs. Those who want a fully customized underwater explorer can add features like a landing gear for the beach, a diver lockout chamber, and changing the nose area to an underwater observation room.

The first Neyk will show the world what it can do, boasting 19 meters of space and the ability to take 12 passengers to depths of 150 meters. It will also offer grandiose panoramic viewports, a bar, a library, and a galley for dedicated dining beneath the sea.

The Neyk has undergone highly sophisticated testing. Two years was spent on the test program alone and ten different models were put to the test as part of this process. Three of the models were used in simulators to test their maneuverability, not just the moving dynamic forces but also the static forces like weight and buoyancy.

Long tests were also conducted to ensure the main propulsion system was situated just right. Electric engines were placed in pods either side of the hull delivering a near silent system that also boasts propellers with five percent more efficiency and higher cooling powers on low speed.  The submarine is also able to turn swiftly on its axis for rapid dive.

Neyk is the brainchild of Martin van Eijk, the founder of Ocean Submarine. After an impressive and expansive career working on everything from space satellites to deep water diving boats, Martin explains the thought process behind Neyk; “The project began in 2009 based on a hull that would be suitable for the Navy and coastguard services as well as the luxury market. Having built up considerable expertise in aircraft, spaceships and underwater vessels, my goal was to combine this with the wealth of know-how available in the world today. The result is a new generation of submarines featuring a single multipurpose hull, offering a unique level of luxury and experience in a submarine.”

The inspiration from the world of Private Aviation doesn’t go unnoticed. The Neyk boasts many of the same facilities and designs you would expect to find in a private jet. Aspects can also be fully customized such as color schemes, paint and personalized furnishings.

The Neyk brings another layer of luxury exploration to the yacht lifestyle. After admiring a view of the Greek Islands, you can duck down and discover the colorful life beneath. When lost in Bermuda you can whiz around beneath the waves discovering shipwrecks. Not only is the sky the limit and the world your oyster, but suddenly there is unbridled and beautifully comfortable access to the underwater world with Neyk.