Put St. Tropez on your calendar for a June 23rd reveal, as Vanquish Yachts unveils its newest marine sculpture, the VQ48. With fast acceleration, high speed shock absorption, and advanced maneuverability, this stunning yacht also boasts bespoke sound systems installed by Brian’s Custom Audio, individually tailored to owner specs. It also sports the new color, “White Rice.” Sea trials are scheduled for the end of May, delivering the good news to Passage Du Port about the quality, comfort, agility, and posh profile of the VQ48.

Vanquish Yachts VQ48

Guido de Groot: Vision, Line, and Art

Translating from mind to media, Guido de Groot’s artistic hand pulls across the page, sketching beautiful hull forms for Vanquish Yachts. Whether designing for wheels or water, de Groot’s simple freehand art shares an unmistakable similarity of fluid style. The result?  A partnership that creates dramatic, powerful, head-turning Vanquish Yacht designs with impeccable profiles.

Guido de Groot

Guido de Groot

VQ90 Veloce’s Fête-du-Fast

From customers’ words to Guido de Groot’s ear, comments received regarding the design of the fabulous VQ90 have been taken to heart. Inspired by the handsome qualities of the VQ48, this larger version allows for an open deck that translates to a high speed party with a club-like sound system from Brian’s Custom Audio. Add a hardtop designed for premium panoramic views, a targa sunroof, posh seating, and a chef-designed galley for a remarkable 55-knot jaunt worthy of social headlines and technical envy.


Preferred Partnership: Vanquish Down Under

Vanquish Yachts is teaming up with the largest yacht dealers in Australia and New Zealand, making their Dutch quality day tenders available to the Southern Hemisphere. Joining an elite group of brands at the highly experienced Team Windcraft, Vanquish celebrates the yachting tradition of the region. Review the new website at http://www.eyachts.com.au/.

Preferred Partnership Team Windcraft

Preferred Partnership Team Windcraft

A Little Something Extra: VQ48 Offer

There is something very special tucked inside every VQ48 for those who purchase by the end of July. In the same color and profile as the VQ48 mother ship, a fun, 40-knot, five person VQ15 comes along for the ride. Equipped with a 1.8L petrol, jet propulsion engine and a reverse function, it is highly maneuverable with easy haul-out. Buyers may specify diesel or electric engines as well in this attractive custom build.

Vanquish VQ48 Motershiph

Vanquish VQ48 Mothership

Vanquish VQ15 Fve Person 1.8L petrol, Jet Propulsion Engine Watercraft

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