The innovative SY10 Pascoe tender will turn heads as you move across the waters in the Republic of Fiji. As you tender on the SY10 Pascoe from your luxury charter yacht, you will experience grace, speed, and style like none other. The SY10 Pascoe has an Ocke Manerfelt B28 hull and also a body styled by the master designer Ken Freivokh. This particular hull is constructed of GRP/Kevlar composites combined with Divinycell foam style stiffening.


As you maneuver out of your slip at Denarau Marina in Port Denarau, all eyes will be on you. The SY10 Pascoe tender has been awarded numerous awards for style, World Speed accomplishments, and racing. It is simultaneously elegant, sea worthy, and has precision handling. You will love taking your tender from your charter yacht to go hiking, swimming, and exploring all the beaches of the Republic of Fiji.


As you cruise to Vanua Levu, you will pass through the Manuca Islands and over to Waya Island where you can soak up the sights of the waters of Fiji. Other days in the sun aboard your tender will find you viewing Nacula Island, Yasawa Islands, and Viwa Island. Viwa is known for its quaint fishing villages like no other in the world. The hiking there is amazing as well. You can pick your fresh catch from the day’s selections and head back to your luxury charter yacht for a feast prepared by the yacht crew like no other.


Pascoe International of Southampton has a reputation for being a world leader in luxury tender manufacturing. All of their vessels are built to superyacht standards. The SY10 tender has space for 12 passengers and a maximum speed of 60 knots that will serve you well as you travel to dive the Vomo Island’s famous reefs. The speedy tender is 10.0 m in length and will stylishly move you from your luxury charter yacht to your Republic of Fiji day hikes, sunning, diving, and swimming excursions.


Length Overall: 10.0m
Beam Maximum: 2.8m
Static draft: 1.0m
Weight with the basic engine package (dry)*: 3200 kg
Fuel capacity: 480 Litres
Water Capacity: 80 Litres
Recommended Maximum Power: 760 HP
Maximum Speed*: 60 knots
Internal seating capacity (Inc crew): 12 persons
CE category: B

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